Giving up added sugar

In the Christmas break I started reading Diet for a Small Island by Patrick and Shirley Rivers, it has since been added to my pile of ‘reading’ books but it is really interesting (even though it is a little out of date now), one of the parts in there is about sugar. I have known for a while the ill effects (or should that be affects?) sugar has/can have on your health, and also that the sugar industry isn’t a nice place.

Any way, re-reading about it prompted me to try giving it up, not completely give it up as sugar is in far too many foods I like but give up things like tea with sugar in, etc. and I did really well for a couple of weeks, I replaced sugar in tea with honey and asked Rhys to try buying me fruit instead of sweets or chocolate bars that he often buys me.

Somewhere in the last month I’ve forgotten about it, and started having sugar in my tea again. I will start again, as I’m sure it was making me feel better

One response to “Giving up added sugar

  1. heather ibbotson

    hi, My husband and I went on a self sufficency course with Patrick and Shirly Rivers in the 1980’s at Tintern, they were an amazing couple and lived the books that they wrote. I have used the diet cook book till it is now falling apart, our favourite is the spiced apple which i make and also use in pies. I also bottle most of our soft fruit although the kilner lids are harder to find now. carboots are good places to look. instead of ordinary tea try a herb or friut one perhaps then you wont need sugar. best wishes

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