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A Day in the Month – October


Outside… It is hot, almost too hot but I’m not complaining

I am thinking or plotting… A new chapter; as of today I am unemployed and although there are some big negatives to that it is a chance for a change and I’m sure that can be a change for the better if I embrace it and make it so.

From the kitchen… I need to look up a chilli jam recipe as I now have a fridge draw full of ‘reduced to clear’ chillies.

I am wearing… Leggings with shorts over the top and a sleeveless black and white top

I am creating… This month I am hoping to get the allotment sorted a little more; put up the new chicken pen, move their house


I am reading… Nothing really, I haven’t even opened last months Grow Your Own magazine yet

Here is a picture I want to sharing and why… I found this lovely big frog whilst clearing some ground at the allotment the other day

Allotment frog - 22nd September 2011

Allotment frog - 22nd September 2011

A Day in the Month – August 2011

Only the easy questions this time; it is late and the computer has just wiped what I had already written

Outside… It is dark and warm. We need a good down pour to clear the air

From the kitchen… On the side there is a bottle of raspberry vinegar from my sister, a bowl of bobby beans and new potatoes. All freshly made or harvested

I am going… to sleep very soon

I am reading… a book a friend has lent me about trees

Here is a picture I want to sharing and why… Another bee photo from the weekend because I am loving bees right now


Bees coming up through the top bar - 30th July 2011

Bees coming up through the top bar - 30th July 2011




A Day in the Month – July


Outside… It is mid afternoon, it’s been sunny for most of the day but has clouded over a little now 

I am thinking or plotting… A weekend of garden and allotmentness. This weekend is open gardens for both and I have a HelpX person staying (she arrived on Wednesday) and so hopefully will be able to get some two people jobs done. Also very much looking for a week off, I really do need it!

From the kitchen… I’m thinking cauliflower cheese fir dinner, possibly with roast potatoes

I am wearing… Short trousers, a red top with a flower on and blue and pink striped socks.

I am creating… Still ongoing with the order, and I have been cutting up lots of plastic for a mat, I hate running out half way through and having to stop weaving to cut more up.

I am going… To the allotment soon, and to buy a cauli for dinner I guess

I am reading… I’m dipping in and out lots of things are the moment but Living the Good Life is the book holding all my garden notes

Here is a picture I want to sharing and why… The most exciting thing to happen last month was this swarm of bees landing across the road from our house (e.g. my mothers house), they are now living in a top bar hive in the garden and touch wood are staying put meaning we now have bees!!!

Bee Swarm - 16th June 2011

Bee Swarm - 16th June 2011

A Day in the Month – May 2011


Outside… It is just dark, I have just come back from shutting in the chickens and put the milk bottles out for the morning

I am thinking or plotting… Work tomorrow, more seed sowing, cleaning out goat sheds… The normal really

From the kitchen… This morning I made nettle and potato soup before work, after daring someone I work with to try something with nettles in (he doesn’t eat vegetables) everyone seemed to like it

I am wearing… Work clothes, custard and all

I am thankful for… Space

I am creating… Hopefully some order, although that is always an ongoing project

I am going… To bed in a minute

I am reading… The Gardener’s Year by Karel Carek. Poetry for gardeners

Here is a picture I want to sharing and why… This is the hedge next to where I was working today, as part of International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day soaked sunflower seeds have been scattered all along here. Not sure how well it will work but if even a few come up I’ll be happy

Guerrilla Gardening - 1st May 2011

Guerrilla Gardening - 1st May 2011

A Day in the Month – April 2011

FOR TODAY… A day late as I completely forgot that yesterday was the 1st of the month

Outside… I have lots of seeds come though on the patio, my strawberries are looking lovely and green and bushy (or the ones in the planter are any way) and across the road I can see a field full of ewes and lambs that belong to the farm down the road to me and lots of catkins on the trees.

I am thinking or plotting… A list of jobs and what I show be sowing today/this month

From the kitchen… I can’t decide if to have nettle or leek and potato soup or maybe even something egg based

I am wearing… A cardy and old trousers

I am thankful for… No one thing

I am creating… A summer full of home-grown food?? If that counts

I am going… To shut the chickens in later but nowhere else

I am reading… The Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar 2011, at the moment the section about producing seeds  

Here is a picture I want to sharing and why… This is a photo from Squidoo and I think is the design I am going to use for my plastic bottle green house; which I’m starting to build later this month

Plastic Bottle Green House

Plastic Bottle Green House

A Day in the Month – March 2011


Outside… It is dark and there are lots of pots of things, the start of my fruit garden and my first seed potatoes started off in potato sacks

I am thinking or plotting… I am very cross; lambing started this morning and this evening a neighbour found one of our ewes killed by a dog, why the f*ck do people allow their dogs to roam around and chase sheep!! It is not ok because ‘it’s just a sheep’, it’s not just a sheep it is a living creature that feels fear and pain and has a story and a life of its own even if no one knows what it is.

From the kitchen… I am eating omelette and chips, we had to use some eggs up

I am wearing… Muddy jeans and a fleecy jumper

I am thankful for… Cloffuem (not sure that is how you spell it) which is a homeopathic remedy that safely delivered the set of twins born this evening

I am creating… Nothing really, just lots of ideas and no time

I am going… on a bus ride in the morning

I am reading… The same as in January, but I have been and sorted out my library membership

I am hoping… That tomorrow will not be the only dry day this week, and that Rhys gets Friday off and maybe the promotion that is was interviewed for today, very odd seeing him come home in a suit

I am hearing… Whatever Rhys is watching

Here is a picture I want to sharing and why… I wish I could live in a house like this in the middle of no where (although this house is not in the middle of no where but one of the domes at the Eden Project)

The Eden Project - September 2010

The Eden Project - September 2010

A Day in the Month – February 2011


Outside… It is just getting light, by the time I’ve finished writing this it should be light enough to see

I am thinking or plotting… If I should go to tonight’s LETS meeting or should I stay at home with my seed box making lists?

From the kitchen… The kettle is on for a second cup of tea for the morning. Last night I’d planned on making cauliflower cheese for dinner but all the cauliflowers seem to be from France, did all ours get spoilt in the snow?

I am wearing… Animal clothes; worn out jeans over leggings, a fleecey jumper and scarf but am about to change into work clothes and leave for the day

I am thankfully for… The lighter mornings and evenings

I am creating… Still knitting the same mitten as this time last month

I am going… To let my chickens out and then work for the day

I am reading… Nothing at the moment, I haven’t really had the time lately but I am planning a visit to the library soon as I have some books I want to order. I haven’t finished the book I was reading last month, it is just sat on the floor where I was reading it last

I am hoping… Nothing really

I am hearing… Cars passing outside and if I listen very carefully the cats downs stairs, and the very start of the dawn chorus. It is odd not having so many noises around

Here is a picture I want to sharing and why… I took this photo when I went on my basket weaving course and it reminds me of early mornings for some reason

Spider's web - October 2009

A Day in the Month – January 2011

Simple Woman Daybook

Simple Woman Daybook

I spotted The Simple Womans Daybook over on Our Front Plot  in the run up to Christmas and thought it was lovely idea for a regular blog post, the idea of it was to give thanks to the simple things in life in the run up the festive period.

I did think about joining  in when I first saw it but forgot as soon as I left the computer so I have decided to add my own tweak to the idea and instead of posting once a week in December I am going to post on the first day of each month meaning that the simple things I am thankful for will change with the days and pasting seasons throughout the year too. I am going to call it ‘A Day in the Month’ as I don’t want to steal someone elses hard thought up name and this will be similar but different; let me know if you have taken part in The Simple Woman’s Daybook or would like to join me with this as I would love to read what others have written. 


Outside… It is dark and wet

I am thinking or plotting… What needs to be done tomorrow before going back to work next week after being off; washing, more packing and outside animal and garden jobs

From the kitchen… We have just eaten omelette with chips and coleslaw, all homemade, for dinner

I am wearing… Animal clothes, my fleecy grey Millennium Volunteers jumper (which I got for completing 100 hours of volunteer work years ago), black leggings and odd socks

I am thankfully for… All the pans I collected this evening from a local freecycler and the kitcheny things, lamp and table that a friend gave us this morning. Among other things

I am creating… A mess, and hopefully some mittens

I am going… Nowhere, I’m home for the evening now

I am reading… Grow your own magazine and You are your childs first teacher by Rahima Baldwin

I am hoping… That the rain holds off on Monday, there is a big protest rally about the possible local wood land sell off  here

I am hearing… The cats playing and Rhys watching the Christmas Dr. Who on Iplayer

Here is a picture I want to sharing and why… This is a photo I took at the allotments on Christmas day, it is of my neighbouring plot and I love the way crisp, deep snow covering everything looks and the shadow that the chair and garden fork are throwing

Sunny snow - 25th December 2010

Sunny snow - 25th December 2010