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A freezer full of meat

On Wednesday the pigs and four sheep, one hogget and three mutton, went off to the butchers. It was an early start but pretty uneventful really as it all went fine. 

Frosty supplies of Elderflower cordial - 30th April 2010

Yesterday the meat came back, and it was a lot of meat. Rhys and mother did the cutting with some friends which in itself took a large part of the day to do. Then it was time to try to fit it all into the freezers.

There is now most of an upright freezer, half a small chest freezer and a large chest freezer full. The sorting did mean we found some interesting things hidden away, including lots of cows milk from when Primrose was in full milk, a few different kinds of fruit and two liters of Elder flower cordial.

Checking in

One of the pigs, happy to be photographed - 13th of April 2010

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth but ‘outside life’* has been busy for a few weeks. Spring is here and the weather outside has been lovely, it’s so nice to be home in daylight each evening.

I tried to take some photos of the goat kids this evening but they would not hold still long enough so instead a photo of one of the pigs who was only to happy for a close up!

*e.g. none smallholding/home life

It happened again

Snow - 18th February 2010

Well, we are one of the worst hit areas of todays snow and the world outside is now white once again.

The sheep are already feed up and waiting at the gate for us to get on and do something about it. The geese (still no gander) are shut away again with chickens of all things, what do we think they are? And the goats are stood in the house looking out with “if you think I’m going out in that you can forget it” looks on their faces.

The pigs, however, where having mad races and were happy enough when I took them some extra bedding just before it got dark.

My seed orders have arrived though, just waiting on the seed potatoes now.


We now have two pigs…

Old spot pigs - 5th February 2010


Exploring the pen - 5th February 2010


Rooting around - 5th February 2010

 They are Gloucester Old Spots and for meat. They are currently in part of the vegetable garden doing a very nice job of digging it over and getting rid of the nettles and their root system.