Daily Archives: April 6, 2008

White world

Well, it did snow today, three times. I woke up this morning and the world was white, then the sun came out and it all was melted by 10am-ish. Then it snowed again this afternoon but didn’t settle and it’s snowing again now, a lot. So I’ve stayed in as much as possible and watch Eastenders.

I flipped through a local free magazine as well, it has a recipes page with a recipe for leek and potato soup, something that I cook often, and it said that its cooking time was 2 – 2 1/2 hours! 30 minutes more like. No wonder people think they don’t have time to cook meals anymore. Very sad really, I’m sure that so many more people would get much more enjoyment, and goodness, from their food if they just knew how simple it was to make really good food in hardly any time at all. People and food is one of my pet peeves, can you tell?

Egg laying

Just like chickens quail make an egg laying noise as well, it’s a sort of low whistle.

Last night I came into the room just as Button started to make her noise, there was an egg behind her that I picked up, it was still warm and a little bit sticky. Then I heard a light tap noise from behind her. She’d laid another one!

I had started to think that I had got the sex of the male wrong in that cage has there is often one too many eggs for the number of hens in there. It’s amazing really when you think of how big they are that they have room for more than one egg inside them at a time, let alone two.