Daily Archives: April 23, 2008

Murphy’s laws

There was a power cut earlier today, no-one had electric for miles around it seems. I didn’t know anything about it until I got home from work. Normally power cuts don’t bother us, we have a bottled gas (like we would get mains gas in our area, the village isn’t even on a mains sewage system) cooker and most of the heat from wood burning stoves.

When I was little I use to look forward to power cuts, with everyone sitting in the living room together and chips for dinner… but that is completely changed when you have eggs in an incubator. I don’t have time to set anymore eggs as I’ve agreed to loan out the incubator at the start of May so I just have to hope that everything will be OK and at least some will hatch.

Down Shifting Week

This week is Down Shifting Week, I guess I’ve already taken part as I’ve planted some veg seed this week, the website is quite interesting.