Daily Archives: April 5, 2008

Too busy for computers

I haven’t really been near a computer for almost three days now, the weather has been really nice for the past two days and I’ve been off as well so I’ve been catching up with lots of outdoor jobs.

It’s been really nice as well, Thursday me and Rhys spent the morning cleaning out goat housing and tiding up the pen, then had lunch and while eating I put some beetroot to pickle, then we cleaned out an old chicken house that hasn’t been used for a while as the floor had come out of the nest boxes, fix one of the goat house walls*, sawed up some old pallets for the wood stove and had a bon fire to get rid of some of the rubbish. Friday we carried on with fixing the chicken house and moving things around to fit everything in better and did some other little jobs like picking up animal feed for the weekend, collecting hay, etc. and today we’ve just pottered really as it hasn’t been as nice and has tried raining a few times.

Yesterday morning I got up and was rushed out to our last ewe to lamb this year, she had been pushing for a while and shouting a lot because the head was a little bit big to come out on it’s own, but a bit of lambing jelly and a helping hand and she was find, as was the lamb. The lamb has spent today with a dirty face as each time he feeds the ewe has pooed on him, nice. We had a ewe, not the same one, last year who did that has well. 

Muma tried dying some wool with the beetroot water, it hasn’t come out to badly.

And as wordpress seems to be letting me up load pictures at last, here’s the one of the quail with the ross cob chick (who are now even bigger):

I’ve got another day off tomorrow and then I’m on a course for most of next week. It’s meant to snow, but it was meant to be showers the day before. I’m not a fan of snow, it makes all the animals grumpy and it’s been really nice the past couple of days so hopefully it won’t but it does sort of feel like snow and there was a pickieness to the clouds tonight, so we’ll see what it’s done in the morning. It would be really nice to have another day outside before starting the working week again.

* Last year we took on a resuce goat who’s kid had died as it hadn’t been feeding, the goat, Sam, was completely gutted and spent the whole summer shouting at any newborn lamb or goat kid. Not long after she arrived the goat in the house next door kidded and she head-butted her way through the wall to see if it was hers, it was very sad to see her like that. Last autum she was re-homed and this year she had twins, one of each, and had enough milk for both of them! After the mess her udder was in when she came to us we didn’t think she would ever milk from one side again and we weren’t sure about the other side, but she is doing really well so a happy ending.