Daily Archives: April 18, 2008


Ok, I haven’t been doing very well with up-dating with what I’m been doing lately, but I’ve been doing LOTS.

Last week I was on a course (which I passed!) in Gloucester, as it was £12 a day for parking and £12.50 for a weeks bus ticket I was getting the bus in and out each day, which doesn’t leave much time for anything other than travel in the day. It was all very strange really, and a little bit sad. I’ve only been a car driver for just over a year now so use to get the bus all the time but a remember it being a lot more friendly, with everyone knowing each other, where as on the bus into Gloucester NO-ONE speaks other than to ask for their ticket. I hope it was just because it was a main rount into the ‘city’ and that the little country bus are still nice.

Any way, here are some photo’s I’ve collected of some of the things we’ve been making:

I should have put a hen egg in this photo just so as you could tell how truely massive it was but I didn’t think of that until after I’d pickled it, the egg came from Buttons cage on a day then we didn’t get the extra egg. Since then there has been just the two from that house but one is always bigger than normal quail eggs.


Pickled quail eggs, the big one is near the top of the jar

Paper pots and seed planting, when I was in Gloucester I went into the 99p shop and bough loads of salad and sweet-pea seeds


And yesterday was my birthday (but we’re not having until Sunday) so we had pizza, fat bread, one lot with cheese and onion in and another with cheese, marmite and onion in, a sweet chilli dip sauce and cake for dinner (thank you for the cake Jane!)

The cake got a bit eaten before I got a photo