Daily Archives: April 1, 2008

Day Light Saving Hours

There seems to be so much more to do now that the clocks have gone forward, I don’t think that having two really bad nights sleep and working during the day since Sunday has helped either. I seem to get a nagging headache at about 3.30 each afternoon and want to just go home and fall asleep, until I get home and then I don’t as it’s so nice outside I feel I need to be making the most of it and getting on with things, not that I can really remember getting much done.

I have decided to get over my dislike of chickens and have started looking after a pen of them. Last year we got 9 rare bread hens off from freecycle, and some of the breeds have a very sweet nature, so I guess not all chickens are odd looking, pecky things, but it is suspiring what a difference just being a different breed makes. I should know this really from goat keeping if nothing else. Over the years (I’ve lived with goats for the last 14years which is a long time when you’re only 21) we’ve had a few different breeds and cross bred and all are very different.

I made a REALLY nice cheese, onion and garlic omelette last night. It was only for me, Muma and Rhys so I put loads of garlic in it and we had it with chips and homemade mayo, yum

At some point one of this years lamb seems to have started living in the kitchen, must remember to ask why. I always find it really weird to try to put myself in the shoe of a ‘normal, 9 to 5, tv watching 21 year old’ where, I’m guessing, getting-up in the morning, or coming home from work, and finding a lamb asleep behind the backdoor (‘cos that’s where they all sleep for the first day or so) would be odd. I can never get my head round it.

I think tiredness in making me ramble now so I’ll leave it there for now.