Daily Archives: April 22, 2008

When the real work begins

Last night I came home from work cut work for the stove, cleaned out half a goat house that was deep bedded over the winter, feed everyone (animals not people), had a talking to the house of quail who haven’t started laying yet, added the two new pages on here, designed a flyer for a gig Rhys and a friend have booked, hard boiled and started pickling the build up of quail eggs, watered the seedlings and made lunch for today. I got some much more done with the three hours that I had after work than the seven hours at work, or that’s what it feels like. This evening hasn’t been much different.

On Friday I started eight, well seven, of Mr. & Mrs Quails eggs to hatch. On Saturday I added the egg that Mrs. Quail had laid, eight is a good round number of chicks to have, but had to stop myself doing the same on Sunday. They should hatch over May Day bank holiday, all of my hatchings seem to fall on bank or school holidays. Friday night I also started of a load of seedlings, mostly salad mixs. It was a very nice way to spend the evening, sitting on the bed spooning compost into paper pots and adding seeds (Rhys was out which is how I got away with sitting on the bed with a load of ‘mud’)

It rained all Saturday and Sunday, so other than the normal jobs I spent most of the time reading or pottering. I’d done my normal thing with reading and instead of with the book I’ve already start I picked up a book of short stories. So that’s three books I’ve started this year and not finished.

Niff has started to ‘bag-up’, infact I’ve seen goats kid with less of an udder, she’s not due for another six weeks and is still really tight round her back.

Sheep Shearing

I first read about this story on the river cottage forum, it’s just stupid, does ‘joe public’ honestly believe that sheep are happier carrying all that wool round with them all summer?

A sheep shearing competition that has been the centre of county life for years has been scrapped over concerns that the clippers may harm the sheep.

 Where as wales are trying to keep the skill going:

A new scheme aims to ensure the survival of the traditional skill of sheep shearing in Wales