About a life less simple

A Life Less Simple is about me and my life; my family has always grown vegetables and we’ve kept goats since I was seven and chickens since before then (I think). As well as the goats and chickens we now have cows, sheep, ponies, donkeys, ducks, geese and quail, and this is just a list of the ‘useful’ animals we have.

I had a very special up bringing, I was home educated and have wonderful memories of things like sitting behind goats at milking time with my brother and sister taking it in turns to have milk squirted into our mouths and of spending days out in the woods with a couple of dogs and goats.

 A Life Less Simple came out of a long time thinking about what I was trying to do, I want to live as simple a life has possible, grow my own food, make my own butter, etc. but this in itself just isn’t the easiest or simplest lifestyle to have anymore. Instead of spending my evenings after work watching TV, I spend my evenings gardening, feeding and cleaning out animals, collecting eggs and processing milk and my weekends are spent in much the same way too.

As well as the animals and vegetable garden I’m also interested in rural skills. I can knit and have a ‘sock plan’ to one day be able to make all my own socks from our own sheep’s wool, it will be my own small step to become self-sufficient in more than just food.  

I also try wherever possible to support local traders and belong to the local freecycle and LETS groups.

4 responses to “About a life less simple

  1. Hi Poppy.

    Great website, do you sel any of your chicken or need any!! Where abouts in the Forest are you?


  2. Nerissa Barry


    Seeing that you’re a green advocate (and blogger) I wanted to reach out and see if you were interested in an article that I recently have written. It’s on the Olympics and the steps they’re taking to go green and decrease the environmental impact that it has. While sports is something far from the topic of your blog, I think that you will find it interesting and informative, and not overwhelming on the sports content, besides a few facts on the last Olympics, it is primarily about the Olympics going Green.

    I’m looking to spread awareness of the fact that even though the Olympic Games are fantastic and unifying, they are it’s quite a carbon-rich event and are not that environmentally sound.

  3. Hi,
    I was just reading through your blog. I love finding out what other people are doing with their animals and you sound like you’re busy!
    I was wondering if you have time to look at my blog. I’ve just started it but am hoping to get more views. Any comments on it would be very appreciated

  4. Hello! Happy to see you knit – I love knitting too, and this is my random blog 🙂 xx

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