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Three meals that matter

I found this short film being shared around facebook and had to share it here…

Three Meals That Matter (this link takes you to the youtube film)

It makes so many thought-provoking points right from the start and has a very simple way of explaining some of the changes that have happened between people’s relationships to and with food and it’s production

Save our public woodland and forests – My Local Campaign

This is a Youtube video put together about the sell off of the woolland outside my gate and where our sheep graze; 

The woods local to me are not the only ones that could be sold off, if you too believe this to be wrong please sign the petition and pass it on to friends and family.

Sunshine and lambs play

Another lovely sunny day today. I had a training course yesterday but am now, apart from a short meeting tomorrow, on a weeks holiday.  

This morning started with another lamb. This time a very big single ram lamb, who got stuck on the way out as he legs weren’t properly forward. It didn’t take long to sort out but mum is not bounding very well with him, he has obviously hurt her on the way out, and then I have made her more sore by putting my hands in and sorting out his legs. Touch-wood she is not seriously hurt but very sore and although she seems to like him she wouldn’t lick him when he was born but just stood looking at him and isn’t too keen on letting him feed either. She was very good when I milked her into a bottle and gave him his first feed that way though;  


 After sorting out the new lamb and his mum we sorted out the older ewes and lambs and turned them out to get some grass whilst the sun was out. This evening all but the newest born lambs have been shut in a field with hay and water for the night.  


The first two to go out, Maizy and her lamb  

Feeding time; the two ewe eating dinner whose lambs are still to young to go out with everyone else - 7th March 2010


Grazing out on the green in the mid-afternoon sun - 7th March 2010


Spring does feel like it has arrived this week, and everything is waking up. During the night I heard an owl out on the green and this morning I could hear a woodpecker and pheasants whilst I was sat quietly waiting for the ewe (Sophie) to make some effort to talk to her lamb. Yesterday we went to visit a friend and the whole of the green outside his house has been turned over by wild boar coming out of the woods in search of food.  

On Friday I started off the first of this years seeds. It was a ‘flower’ sowing day according to my moonplanting newsletter so I started off a mushroom kit and some Raab 60 Day, I also thought about sowing some cauliflower but didn’t in the end as I couldn’t make up my mind how many would be a good idea. I potted the everbearing strawberry plants that I got last autumn into a window box with lots of well rotten manure and moved it to a more sheltered spot in the garden.  

This afternoon we also took a trailer load of manure up to the allotment and some old fleece. The fleece has been put down as a mulch and then the manure (mostly not very well rotten straw from the babies houses). Some of the manure that is from a pile of manure that has been stood for a couple of years, and we grow courgettes there a few years ago.  

It is full of worms, and also little white ‘baby worms’ that I am not sure what they are. I have googled worm photos and not seen anything like them but I sort of remember hearing that they are not worms but something else that doesn’t do any harm, does anyone else know what they might be? 

Worms; the white ones I am talking about are the bits that look a little like sprouted bean shoots - 7th March 2010

A surprise on YouTube – the seed parcel returns

I don’t really go on my YouTube channel very often, and the last time I was there was two months ago according to when the last video was up-loaded – a big surprise as it told me it was an incompatible format for uploading.

The last video I made was when the seed parcel got back to me, but as I didn’t have a proper camera I tried recording it on my phone (hence the bad sound) when I tried to up-load it told me it didn’t work but it has.

So here it is, better late than never…


A while ago now I signed up to starting a ‘Daily Good Life’ YouTube channel with some other bloggers, Lucy from The Smallest Smallholding started it off. The idea is that we all take it in turns to post up a sort of video diary of what self-sufficiency things we’re doing or interested in and hopefully get some more people interested in the whole subject along the way.

So far I’ve made a few films but today I made my first ‘vlog’, so now instead of writing about what I did at the weekend you can watch it, let me know what you think…

(this was added on Tuesday but took ages to load and I’d gone to bed by that time and then my internet connection was down yesterday)

The white stuff


Well, there’s no prizes for guessing that we’ve got snow along with most of the rest of the country, or that’s what it feels like, and it’s not that I’m a grump but snow seems to create so much extra work and after almost a whole week of it, and more forecast, I’m really tired.

We live on a very steep hill and have been snowed or iced in every day since Tuesday. The sheep are all very feed up, the chickens and ducks are standing around looking sorry for themselves and we’ve had to bring the cows home and have a vet out to Sunshine who just isn’t herself. Primrose is very cross that she’s been bought in and is shouting at any and everyone who walks down the road just to make sure everyone knows just how unhappy about it all she is and tries pushing her way out pass you whenever you go in with food or water.

The outside tap has frozen up so we’re filling watering can after watering can of water in the bath and carrying it out through the house to get water to everyone.

I started off the week enjoying it but it’s just so tiring now.

Feeding time at the cows the other morning, very short as my barreries ran out

Feeding time

I am working on learning how to make my videos more light…

Christmas Carrots

This is a little later and not as long as I had planned (the camera’s batteries kept going flat, and of course I hadn’t even thought about needing such a thing at Christmas) so there are a few stops and starts but I think you can get the idea of it any way.

The carrots weren’t as big, or as purple, as I was hoping for but they still tasted very nice!


Quail Egg Setting

Eggs all now safely in the incubator!

Campfire Film

I’ve up-load a new film to YouTube.

Nothing to do with anything really but I enjoyed it.