Cleaning out and washing

It was my day off yesterday (next day off Monday, when we’re going to have a family roast) I had some freelance work in the morning, so not a complete day ‘off’ but a day off from the ‘day job’, it was the last of a number of workshops I’ve been doing in secondary schools and I think the project has gone well. I really enjoy my work in schools; primary schools a little more than secondary as I find the kids aren’t so cautious of possibly making a fool of themselves, but it’s all enjoyable. A little ironic as I never went.

Muma got some Ross Cob chicks, they are so much bigger than quail chicks even at a week old they’re almost the same size has my adult quail. (I have a photo to load but the computer is playing up)

I spent the afternoon cleaning out and re-arranging quail housing and doing washing. I have such an exciting life, my friends just don’t seem to understand what I spend so much time doing (or Rhys’s friends don’t, my friends are a small select handful of people who possible think I’m mad any way, and hopefully all understand how enjoyable it is to do something ‘real’

I got woken up before light this morning by a Muma’s new Light Sussex cockerel, which was in my room (???) until he went in with his hens today. It was a very strange way to be woken up, every quarter of an hour, but nicer than the noise that my phone alarm makes, that noise is just harsh in a rude way. Not that that means he has any chance of staying in my room, he’s now nicely installed outside in with the hens.

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