Daily Archives: March 22, 2008

It’s snowed the last two night when we’re been bring the ewes and lambs in for the night. Yesterday we finished as the snow stopped and the clouds cleared to reveal a almost full moon. Tonight the snow is landing on the sheep’s backs in white little nuggets so I think it might settle. I hope not, I have work tomorrow and we get snowed in up here with just the smallest amount of snow settling.

Badger lambed today, a girl, she’s been looking like she was going to bust for the past week or so. Badger normally has really pretty coloured lambs but this she’s just had a white one. Whispa also lambed, her first, a boy. She also had a very small mummified lamb. She’s being a little bit funny with her lamb, she didn’t want to be put in the polytennel without the mummified lamb and kept trying to come back to the top of the garden for it. Her lambs having a top-up bottle tonight but hopefully by tomorrow she will have settled more.

One of my younger quail was dead in the bottom of the cage when I got in. There’s no marks on it and I can’t see anything else wrong with the other birds. Just one of those things I guess.