Daily Archives: March 24, 2008

AnnieRose’s new home

I got an email from the people I gave AnnieRose to this morning letting me know that she’s settled in well, after spending the first two days getting out of her new paddock, and has made friends with their other goat and is behaving very well with their small children (she always was very good with little people.)
I do miss her and it still feels like someone is missing when I do a head count but I’m really glad that she’s has got a new home.

AnnieRose was an accident, one of the angora males got in with one of my anglo nubians and AnnieRose happened, I always planned for her to be a meat kid but before she was big enough (she never got bigger than a pygmy) her mum die and I just didn’t have the heart to send her off for meat.

Jessica, her mum, was the reason I started keeping goats again after the 2001 foot-and-mouth outbreak when my first goat die because of bloat, there just wasn’t a vet willing to come and treat her after we’d done all we could as it would have meant that they wouldn’t have been able to go onto another farm for a week. I decide I wasn’t going to get another goat after that, until Jessica came along.

Her and her friend, Maud, had been given to a couple as ‘they will have to go for meat if you don’t taken them’ (don’t even get me started on it… just thinking about it makes my blood boil) the couple had never kept goats before and didn’t know anything about them really, but they did a good job and they were both well looked after. The problem they had was if they were home and not out in the garden with them then they would shout ALL day. So they put an ad in the paper, Muma saw the ad in the paper and went and had a look and then took me to have a look as she ‘wanted to know what I thought’ (or knew I would love Jessica if I met her) Jessica was meant to be the quiter of the two, willing to stand back and let Maud have the fuss but when I went to see her she all over me. Licking and nibbling my hands, scraching her head on me and following me wherever I went in her pen. She had to come home with me.

Deep-down I’ve known that it wasn’t the most sensible of ideas to keep her, after all I have Anglo Nubians and that’s the bread I like. And it’s not just AnnieRose, it wouldn’t really be fair to keep her and not let her kidded whist everyone else had their own babies and was being milked, for a start it would mean her always being bottom of the pecking order. So I now have the Jelly Bean Babies, who I also don’t have the heart for them to be meat kids.

So I decided to re-home them to someone who isn’t nessaccliary interested in breeding, or who just wants the milk instead of a breed and AnnieRose now has a really nice home, with a friend, children to play with and is taken on lots of walks. I couldn’t ask for anything better for her. Hopefully something just as nice will come along for the Jelly Beans too.