Daily Archives: March 12, 2008

The Night of Four Eggs

I have two sets of quail who are old enough to be laying eggs, a older pair I brought at the end of last summer and a trio that I hatched just before Christmas.

All of the quail are indoors at the moment as the chicks were to young to go out and I ended up bring the older pair in when we had some snow. I was working today and I did my normal check of all the birds before changing to start outdoor chores,  I’ve been telling the birds that I hatched for a while now that they’re quite old enough to be laying me one egg each a day, so I told them this, changed and bought some water back to for the older pair who were almost out and she’d laid me an egg and so had one of the younger birds. After outdoor chores I came back in and started doing some cleaning, with some music on which I don’t do often, and my older hen laid me ANOTHER egg about two hours after the first one! And then, just not to be out done, the other younger hen laid an egg as well, very possible her first.

So maybe quail really like music, cows milk production is meant to go up if you play them classical music.