Daily Archives: March 17, 2008

I’ve been trying all weekend to check my email or write a new post and each and every time the Internet has either frozen or there’s been ‘no answer’ from AOL. Arrgg! Computers are great, but only when they work.

It’s been quite a good weekend other than that. Muma had her plaster off on Wednesday so she has taken over feeding and milking Primrose. Hamish seems to be getting use to her now but started off being scared of this strange red coated woman who’d started coming into his house uninvited but he’s started butting the backs of her legs (playfully) when we were cleaning them out yesterday. It’s very cute when he tries to play with you like that but he IS going to have to stop it, that kind of behaviour won’t be cute or sweet when he’s fully grown.

It has rained the whole weekend so haven’t managed to do any outside things, on Saturday I went to Ross Feeds for a change and bough a load of different feeders and waters for the quail to try to cut down on the amount of wasted food that the birds have been scratching out of their bowls and onto the floor and then not eating. So far the feeder that I’ve given the ‘babies’ is working best, but I don’t think it will work as well when they go into outdoor houses as it’s a feeder that hooks on to the outside bars of the house and the pen and run that they’ll go in has wooden sides with a mesh top. It may just mean that they have to have outdoor feeders and a different set of indoor feeders.

On the way back from Ross(-on-Wye) we picked up a dead pheasant off the side of the road. I love picking up ‘things’ when I’m out and about, I’m always picking up fallen wood and pine cones for the fire and often in the summer stop on the way home from work and fill the car up with greens for the goats. It doesn’t take much either; normally I’ve got old feed sacks in the back of the car and a pair of pruners and when I’m being really organised a pair of gloves. The goats love it when you come home with a few sacks full of brambles or nettles, or with a boot full of beech or rosebay willow herb for them. Mushrooms are something else that get picked up too, ink caps, field mushrooms and parasols are all good on toast.
Anyway, the pheasant is going to be skinned, plucking is to messy, and used for soup and the leftovers for the cats and I kept the fire going all weekend with branches picked up when I’ve been out and about.

I’m now getting two to three quail eggs a day, I need to do some more pickling in the next couple of days, so far this week I’ve had:

Monday: 3 eggs
Tuesday: 3 eggs
Wednesday: 2 eggs
Thursday: 3 eggs
Friday: 2 eggs
Saturday: 2 eggs
Sunday: 2 eggs

For some reason the hens have taken to waiting until I’ve gone to bed and turned off the light before laying, which they never use to do so at some point I will try to sort them out some nest box type things, I don’t know if they will use them though has quail just seem to lay eggs wherever they happen to be.