Daily Archives: March 7, 2008

I’ve made my own banner…

The biggest reason why I’ve moved my site from blogsome to wordpress is so as I can make it more personal, the templates on blogsome are great but it’s not easy to up-date them or make many changes to the layout, so one of the first things I wanted to do was make my own banner for this site. And I’ve done it (with a lot of help from Rhys) the pictures are; Rhys’s tea on his desk at work, a romenesco plant in some early sun, one of my last hatch of chicks (it wasn’t at all easy getting them to sit still long enough to take a photo), blackberries taken last autumn and me picking blackberries with Jenny and Wagtail last year.

One of the hens from my last hatch of quail have started to lay now as well as my older hen, so I’m getting two eggs every four days or so and then one on the other three days. It’s a little bit laughable really but it’s keeping me happy. I so almost have another egg box full to boil and put to pickle. Today’s been a day off so I’ve cleaned out everyones houses and washed all their feeders with hot water, soda crystals and vinger, their felt all nice and shiny afterwards. I’ve also moved my younger chicks out of the brooder and into a grown-ups cage.

Last night I drove to Berkeley Castle, I’d never been before. They were holding some sort of tourism event for coach companies and B&Bs. The castle has been lived in by the same family for 900 years and is still lived in today. It must be very odd to grow-up in a castle, special, but a very odd thought in this day and age.