Daily Archives: March 18, 2008

Learning to knit… Again

I use to be able to knit when I was younger, I know I could, I remember doing it. But I just can’t seem to now.

I haven’t had any reason to knit for many years, and I haven’t really wanted to. I’ve always had a big pile of books that I wanted to read (still do), something I wanted to watch on the tele or sleep to catch up on (a very important pastime in your teenage years.) Until the other day when I noticed that my phone is getting very scratched just being chucked in my bag or in my pocket with my keys, and then I saw it go fly across the Co-op car park the other day leaving a very big scrached on the back of the case and camera lense, I thought I’d knit it a case, seeing as I’ve got wool and needles and even a book and DVD telling me how.

It seemed like such a simple, moneysaving idea, I really just don’t know where it went wrong.