Allotment 21/06/09

Well, yesterday and today I have been feeling a little bit down about the allotment as we still aren’t eating anything from it yet, the rabbits have had a good feed from it though! But then I thought about it with a more reasonable head on and we’ve only had them for just over two months, so really we’re not doing badly at all, and it’s not like I have been planting ‘quick crops’ on it either.

I don’t have any photo’s for this post but since last time I have planted out a whole bed of courgettes and some tomato plants that we were given (thank you Mrs Green at MyZeroWaste) and a few cabbages. It is very almost full up there now, at home I have lots of dwarf french beans, some more runner beans plus some more to be sown, sweetcorn and squashes still to be planted out up there. I also have a whole try of broccoli and another of purple sprouting that are getting desperate for potting on, there is also a small tray of brussle sprouts to be potted on and kale as well so I guess a fair few evenings this week are going to be spent doing just that.

4 responses to “Allotment 21/06/09

  1. I think you have days like this when you seem to get nothing out of your allotment. I’ve planted some salad leaves and tonight we had some with our tea. They are quick growing and makes me feel as if at long last my veg garden is producing something.
    Before you know it, you will be wondering what to do with all your surplus produce.

    • alifelesssimple

      Unfortunately I think if I put salad crops in up there then the bunnies would get them, but I know what you mean and it isn’t going to be long at all before I can start enjoying things from it. The runners already have flower buds.
      I hope you’re salad was tastie

  2. loving the blog , keep up the good work! definitely think sustainability is the way forward! You may be interested in the work of Send a Cow - – We work with rural community groups in nine countries in Africa, providing small-scale farmers with the skills and means to feed their families and earn an income. It’s all about helping to develop sustainable farming methods!

  3. Hi Send a Cow, just thought I would send a note to say how much I admire the work done by the Charity. I had the gift of a pair of goats as a leaving present from my last “proper” job.
    As I keep goats and cows and lots of other stuff you provide families with, it seemed a very appropriate gift.

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