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Allotment 4/6/09

leek seedlingsIf you had asked me a week ago about the allotment I would have said that I had given up on sowing seeds and was just going to start things off at home and then transplant them, there is a bird problem and a rabbit problem at the site and so far they have had all but a few pea seedlings, nibbled at the beetroot and carrots and pulled up and nibbled at all the onion sets, and I had completely given up on the leeks that I had sown which there still was no sign of. So I started ording some plants to get things going, I ordered 30 kale plants and 50 sweetcorn plants which arrived last weekend. I went to the allotment to start planting them out and out of nowhere, me and mother had been up on the plot checking things two nights before and there was nothing, the leeks had come through. And the beets, which was very lucky has I was planning on digging the bed over again and planting the kale in their place as they had not come up. So I will be sowing some seeds up there after all.

Rhys watering the plotsI’ve put some old carpet over the beds that already have manure on them. It is amazing how quickly manure rots down at home, I suppose that there is not a ‘system’ in place with all the right bacteria, moisture and you can’t move anything with out finding large pink worms underneath. The allotment just doesn’t have this in place yet and the manure on the beds is just sat, I can completely believe that it would take a year or more to rot down there, where as the as stuff that got left at home is prefect for growing in now.

The kale has been put in with clear plastic bottles and then netting over the top of that to keep the wind, birds and rabbits off whilst they get going.

At home everything seems to be growing whilst you watch. There are runner beans and courgettes ready to go out, the courgetteswith be going out in the same bed as the sweetcorn this weekend if the weather holds. There are also tomatoes, kale, cabbages, purple sprouting and broccoli coming along nicely.

The strawberries are getting large and the first raspberries have set fruit.

In season this week #38


artichoke*, asparagus*, aubergine*, broad beans, broccoli*, carrots*, courgettes*, cucumber, fennel*, jersey royal new potatoes*, kohlrabi, lettuces & salad leaves*, mangetout*, new potatoes*, onions, peas*, potatoes (maincrop), radishes*, rhubarb, rocket*, samphire*, spinach*, spring onions*, watercress*, wild nettles


apricots[i], blueberries, cherries*, elderflowers*, gooseberries, kiwi fruit*[i], lemons[i], oranges[i], passion fruit[i], raspberries, strawberries*, tomatoes


basil*, chervil*, chives*, coriander, dill*, elderflowers*, mint*, nasturtium*, oregano, parsley (curly)*, parsley (flat-leaf)*, rosemary, sage, sorrel*, tarragon*, wild mushrooms


beef, chicken, lamb*, pork, rabbit, wood pigeon*