Daily Archives: June 29, 2009

Living the dream

Tomorrow marks a very sad ending in our household, as both Primrose and Sunshine have come back as ‘re-actor’ on their annul  TB test.

We have known that TB was a risk ever since we first got cows, Gloucestershire is a ‘hot spot’ for TB, but have always, naively it would seem now, thought that it wouldn’t happen to us. They may very well not even have TB, the test that is used is only 68% reliable, but we cannot have a retest. The ‘rules are the rules’.

We could fight it, but then it is likely that the cows would just get taken in the night, or certainly without warning. So we would be living on the edge all the time, knowing that it was going to happen but not when. It could be in a months time or maybe not for a year or more but it would happen and waiting for it would just be too much.

The lady from DEFRA has been very nice and understanding. She is coming out herself tomorrow to put the ‘death tags’ in, it has not been done before as it would just upset them. They are going in a lorry on their own, not with other cows from all over the area, and to the local slaughterhouse about four miles away, not all the way in the Midlands somewhere.


It is a big knock, and something that a lot of people wouldn’t understand, Primrose’s calf was sold for meat after all, why is it so different for Primrose and Sunshine. We still cared for the calf, and enjoyed watching him grow and lean about all the new things in the world… It’s not something that I can explain right now through.