Lambing 2013

We started lambing a week ago today. It was not a happy start; Sophie had a very large ram lamb who was positioned badly with one leg back, he took a lot of pulling to deliver and didn’t make it.

Lambing continued on Saturday after a few days rest with a much happier result; Ivy delivered twins on her own just before 8am. I was there when the second one arrived and within a minute or so it was up and looking for its first feed.

Ivy with her lambs - February 2013

Ivy with her lambs – February 2013

She had one of each: the ewe lamb was born first

Ivy's ewe lamb - February 2013

Ivy’s ewe lamb – February 2013

Followed by a ram lamb who I arrived just in time to see landing

Ivy's ram lamb - February 2013

Ivy’s ram lamb – February 2013

Since Thursday we have had much nicer weather so they have arrived with good timing (watch the weather change now) and lambing continued this morning with Clarry having two ram lambs, one large and one slightly smaller. I haven’t yet seem them as started back at work first thing this morning.

4 responses to “Lambing 2013

  1. well that must mean spring really is on it’s way

    Shame about the first lamb, we are considering sheep but are worried about it being beyond our skill set….any advice to complete amateurs?

    • A Life Less Simple

      Not really sure what to tell you; we started with bottle feed lambs so our flock is very tame and easy to handle. I think reading as much as you can and talking to people who keep sheep is the best place to start, it is the right time of year now to get lambs.

      • That’s how we thought we would start, almost raising a couple of lambs like you would weaner pigs then progress to building a flock once we got some confidence

        we do have friends that keep sheep but taking that first step is a bit daunting

  2. the good life in practice

    brilliant photos here : )

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