Bundles of spring joy

In the early hours of the first day of Spring my sister gave birth to an unbelievably beautiful baby girl; Acacia Daisy Jade.

My beautiful niece Acacia Daisy Jade; born 20th March 2013

My beautiful niece Acacia Daisy Jade; born 20th March 2013

Needless to say she is by far the most exciting baby of the year. I had been meaning to blog about her expected arrival since we held a surprise baby ‘welcoming’ at the beginning of the month for my sister and her partner but she couldn’t wait to meet the world

6 responses to “Bundles of spring joy

  1. Beautiful, I love the name too I had planned to call my daughters after flowers but unfortunately I only had boys ! lol 🙂

    • A Life Less Simple

      I think my sister is carrying on the tradition of naming after plants as me, my two sisters and brother are all named after flowers or trees. It’s always nice to be able to talk about what our names have in common and what plants they are from

  2. how wonderful

    congratulations 🙂

  3. Congratulations to your sister, Poppy – and to you as a fond aunt! Babies are so great and your little niece is a beauty, such a pretty name too! We’re in similar situations as my niece gave birth to twins last Tuesday, one of each and very beautiful!

    • A Life Less Simple

      Congratulations to you niece too 🙂 and I hope you are getting to enjoy them. An extra baby must be a handful but means there is an extra when everyone wants their turn for a cuddle lol

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