Fungi gathering

Image002.1This morning I went fungi gathering on May Hill with some friends.

I haven’t been to May Hill for a few years but it is always something we mean to do come mushroom time, and this year we have started harvesting a crop of Parasol mushrooms from the garden which have started growing after we gathered some from May Hill, bought them home and never got round to doing anything with them and so chucked them out.

We were there a little late, and most mushrooms had started going over but there were planty of different types and it was a lovely walk.

Image020.1We took my basket and a book that I found in a charity shop and, as well as the Parasols, came away with some Wood Blewitts, which are unusual because they keep their blue-ish colour after cooking.

Some of the Parasols have been eaten on toast with scambled egg and the rest I am going to try making some mushroom kechup with I think.


6 responses to “Fungi gathering

  1. May Hill is such a gorgeous place – are the horses still there or haven’t they been taken in for winter now?
    I wanted to go to the mushroom foraging in the Forest on Sunday but it’s fully booked. hey ho, there’s always next year and I think I’d prefer to have a book like you before I start dabbling with unknown fungi!

    • alifelesssimple

      The horses are still there, even though there is a sign one the gate saying they are not!

      Have you thought about contacting the Dean Fungi Group? They run regular forages and are a very welcoming group

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, Poppy. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and will keep returning. I enjoy eating mushrooms but don’t know the first thing about them so wouldn’t dare to pick from the wild. I would love to keep goats but unfortunately our deeds don’t allow it. We stayed in a cottage this summer where they had a goat and my 11 year old daughter really took to it. She would love a pygmy goat and is currently trying to persuade the farm at her school to get one. Did you get your vitamin b12 sorted out? I found out earlier on this year that my body is unable to absorb it due to previous surgery so I am on three monthly jabs for the rest of my life.

  3. Hi there – I used to live in Glos but I never went there. Pity. Isn’t there a myth that says only 99 trees will ever grow on May Hill?

    Rosie x

    • There is something like that, I also heard the same thing about a church yard the other day and how only 99 trees will ever grown there, can’t remember which one now.
      I’ve also heard that May Hill is only six feet off of being a mountain, don’t know how true it is though

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