Look what I made!

Image048I have been on a basket making course today, and this is what I made.

It has been a really nice day and I now can’t wait for the leaves to finish falling off the trees. I have a long ideas list of what I can make… a different basket for everything I own to live in, boarders for the vegetable beds and paths, apple collecting baskets, mushroom collecting baskets, the list goes one. 

I am so pleased with myself, and by the end of basket making season, handly just as lambing and kidding session starts, I will have the strongest, toughest thumbs for miles.

6 responses to “Look what I made!

  1. no wonder you’re pleased with yourself – looks great. Are the materials for making baskets a reasonable price?

    • alifelesssimple

      I am still trying to work that one out! I was looking through lots of websites last night. I have a very good book though that tells you what you can gather from gardens and hegdes and use for basket making, you just need to wait until the leaves have fall off before the wood is easy to use

  2. Wowee – that is beautiful! Well done you; I’m not surprised you are pleased with yourself.

    I’ve spent the day sewing Christmas decorations and presents; so feeling very virtuous too!

    • Sound like a nice day, I’m going on a bunting making course at the moment. Some of the examples are AMAZING, plus the totor has sorted out and shown us how to use our sawing machine.

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