Bonfire night

Today has been a good autumny kind of day, not to windy, mostly bright with only a few bitter cold showers.

The garden, and goat pen, are starting to get very muddy again. A productive afternoon was spent in the garden sorting, the morning disappeared somewhere too but not as productively, I remember looking at the clock and finding at it was already half past one with nothing done.

A pile of sacks of manure was cleared, unfortunately not to the allotment but to some local freecyclers. Even though the allotment needs as much manure as possible on it but it is the time it takes moving it up their and in the next couple of weeks there is the muck heap garden to be taken up there to make way for the new goat housing.

A fire was lit and lots of old branches were sorted, broken up and either burned there and then or put to one side for cutting up for the Rayburn and indoor wood burners. Over the summer a lot of twigy branches have built up from the greens feed to the goats, and now that the garden is gettting muddy they are starting to get walked into everywhere.

Then this evening we went out to see some fireworks. (photo to follow when I get bluetooth working)

5 responses to “Bonfire night

  1. It must be great to have your own supply of manure for the allotment, but I agree it’s hard work shifting it from one place to another. We recently collected 50 bags for the allotment and it all had to be moved by car. It took my hubby a good few trips.

  2. There is an award for you on my blog. I hope you will accept it.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend; I can’t wait to see the fireworks photos. We tend to stay in the warm and watch them from the windows!

    • alifelesssimple

      Unfortunately my camera is broken, I’ve had the same one for over three years now and it has served me well and a new one is on my Christmas list, so I only really have photoes of the fire as my phone camera as a delay on it

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