Allotment 04/07/09

allotment 04/07/09Spent a very busy couple of hours up on the allotment today with Rhys and middle-youngest-sister. All the time we were up there it was threatening to rain, and did start twice, but we still get a lot done. Three beds sorted, one for MYS’s tomato plants, half of one has gone down to peas, it would be so nice to get a crop of them this year after all the sowings I have done and a whole bed to French Beans.

I filled up the end on one of the kale beds with some cabbages that had been growing at home, I put some in from the same sowing a few weeks ago and they have rocketed. They are now filling their plastic bottles so I must order some more netting to keep the butterflies off and take the bottles off. I’m going to do another sowing of these, I can get two more in before the session is over, as with kale.

PICT0098I made a half hearted attempt at weeding out some of the thistles that are on the plots, maybe it is something to do with allotment sites but our last allotment that we had a few years ago was always covered in thistles. It was a losing battle. I think the plot that is next to ours is empty still and the bottom half of it is covered in them, I think we will cut them down before they flower but they are also covered in black fly so we may ended up with them as a problem on our plot when we do, still I have seem ladybirds up there so they will have a feast.

runner bean plantsThe courgettes are getting close to fruiting, I can now pick out which ones are the round fruit or the yellow fruit. Or the yellow round ones that there seem to be more than I remember sowing of. The first lot of runner beans are flowering well too, I haven’t get seem any fruit setting though. MYS has already had a few french beans off the plants that she planted out at the same time as the runner beans so they shouldn’t be that far behind. And this more I got some more dwarf runner and french beans as there is just enough time for another sowing.

2 responses to “Allotment 04/07/09

  1. Hi Poppy, definitely an allotment thing with thistles. When we first took on our allotment they were taller than me! Nic

  2. The best way to get rid of thistles is to cut them down just as they come into flower, as they have put all their energy into trying to flower again. It may take a couple of years to get rid of them. The thing not to do, is to try and dig them up in the spring, as this only encourages the thistles to grow.

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