Daily Archives: July 3, 2009

New toys

Even though I am trying to de-clutter I have been tempted by a few things lately, and given in on two occasions.

My first purchase was a small set of wood carving tools, I’ve never tried wood carving of any sort, or have any idea if the tools I have bought are any good, but I like the idea of it so I will be trying something with them.

My other purchase is slightly larger, a Victorian cast iron sock knitting machine. I collected it last night. I still don’t feel any where near my goal of making my own socks from our own sheep’s wool, I still have some way to go with my spinning and I haven’t yet knitted anything, just played around with different stitches and ideas (which I need to do to learn). I can’t remember where I first saw or hear about sock knitting machines but they captured my imagination from the start.

 My is an original Victorian single-rib machine that was re-stored by a lady who worked in a museum and had a passion for them, she had eight of her own and employed a team to make Kashmir socks for Harrods. It has a homemade stand, original weights and tools.

When I first found out about sock knitting machines I was told/read that they were first produced during WW1 has there was a shortage of socks for the forces and no more were made after the war but since reading more about them I’m not sure how true this is but I liked the story.

Now I just have to clear away some of my clutter to made a work space for it