Daily Archives: July 12, 2009

Out and about

I’ve been working at Tewkesbury Medieval Festival this weekend, another play tent. I enjoy working at events, it’s not the same just visiting them, which of course is nice but I like to feel like I am part of what is going on, that I have a role.

I find it very easy to be a bit of a recluse or stay at home, I like it at home and when I’m not at work then I enjoy the work that there is to do around here (mostly). If it wasn’t for work I’m sure that I could quite happily stay at home most of the week, but it is important to go out and have a change of sence. I’m lucky enough to live in a very special part of the world and I was remind of that a few weeks ago.

I went out to lunch with my sister and nephews and was going on to work afterwards, we finished a while before I had to leave for work but not long enough to go home without going straight back out. So I stopped for a walk: