Daily Archives: June 27, 2008

Unusual planter

Someone on the River Cottage Forum has started a thread asking about unuaual items that can be used for planting, which made me remeber these:

They were at 2007’s Big Green Gathering.

Elderflower Cordial

For maybe the last three years or so encounters with elderflowers have been very unpleasant, just the smell of the flowers courses my eyes to feel all puffy and like someone has punched me very hard in both of them. Because of this I’ve avoided them like the pledge until the flowers are over and they become hedgerow picks for the goats again.

A few weeks ago one of the volunteers at work bought in some elderflower cordial (shop bought) it’s really nice and there was no nasty reaction.

So I tried making some, it had to be done, our own supply of cordial, practically free with no nastys in, and some people seem to be able to make enough to last all year round. I found a recipe on the net, halfed the sugar amount (1 and a half bags for 2 and a half pints of cordial seems way to much), spent two days feeling like I’d be beaten round the head and it tastes like sugar water with a bit of lemon in.