Daily Archives: June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

I don’t believe that thirteen is an unlucky number. Thirteen to me is a bakers dozen, an extra little treat, and numbers are just what you make them.

Our garden, after living here for almost thirteen years now, is about a foot higher than the ‘outside world’ it’s very clear if you look at the fence that runs along the garden or over and down into nextdoors garden. This is because of years of different muck heaps being moved from place to place, we’ve given loads of manure way on freecycle and gumtree but we still end up with far more than anyone wants.

So my plan for today was to turn the muck heap by the goat pen into another veg plot:


By end of the day

It’s not completely finished yet but almost just a little more work and I’ll be planting into it.

I let the chickens out to help as well and they had a great time, all over the garden is full of worms and when even you move something that has been there long enough for the soil to be damp underneth then there is a cluster of pink worms which the chickens love.