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Plant pots

I can be more than a little bit of a magpie when it comes to things to do with gardening; in the past this has been mostly seeds and plants but today it has been all about plant pots.

A few weeks ago there was an item in the local transition newsletter about recycling used plant pots and a message that someone had starting taking the used ones from one of the local garden centres as there are no recycling facilities locally and the company that they come from don’t want them back and to cut a long story short I collected a sack of them on the way back from work today.

I carried on to the ‘recycling center’ (or tip as I have always known it) to drop off some sacks of paper waste and other bits and as we were chucking the stuff into the different skips a man appeared with an arm load of perfectly useable plant pots so I piled up “I can make use of those if you don’t want them” so into the back of the van those and the other trailer load he had bought with him went!

Recycling & Reusing; Kitting out a home

Even before we found our house I’ve been making plans for it and working out how we can kit it out in as greenly, which happily happens to be the cheapest, a way as possible. There wasn’t really very much we needed as we already have things like a bed, wardrobe, draws, desk, etc but there have been a few things we’ve needed and I have made sure all of them, apart from the washing machine, have come secondhand.

The things in our house all have history, and right from when we started moving stuff in it has had a welcoming ‘lived in’ feel to the place.

From the wonder that is Freecycle we have received a sofa-bed, flat screen TV, book cases and shelving, pots and pans, a tailors dummie (not really for the house but I now have plenty of room to use it!) and a greenhouse for the garden.

And from family and friends we have received countless kitcheny things, a drop leaf table and chairs, lamps, coffee and side tables and lots of help with the move itself. There are still some things left to move and find before we are completely finished moving but we are in and have everything that we need day-to-day.

Unusual planter

Someone on the River Cottage Forum has started a thread asking about unuaual items that can be used for planting, which made me remeber these:

They were at 2007’s Big Green Gathering.


Taken from This is Gloucestershire


A Family from Longhope is aiming to become the greenest in the Dean with its own recycling challenge.The Strauss family has launched a website and set a mission of creating zero waste.

Rachelle Strauss said: “We are a family of two adults, one child and a cat living in the Forest of Dean and we’ve set ourselves this challenge after being inspired by a blog called ‘Rubbish diet’. We thought if this woman can do it then we can do it.”

“We aim to achieve this by recycling all we can and by looking at changing our shopping habits to avoid things with packaging that we cannot recycle such as some plastics.

“It’s a fun site with a serious message and we hope to inspire other householders in the county to follow our progress and take their own recycling challenge.”

Every member of the family is doing their bit to help the environment and they have each been allocated tasks.

Mrs Strauss said: “One thing me and my husband are always trying to get out of is cleaning tin cans and taking peelings to the compost bins.

“We have decided that my husband, Richard, will do the compost and I will do the cans.

“Our seven-year-old daughter, Verona, is even helping by reminding us to take our re-usable bags to the shops and choosing sweets without cardboard packaging.”

The website myzero waste.com will include articles, competitions, polls, a monthly challenge to get people started and a dustbin demon which highlights items that many people throw away without thinking.

Mrs Strauss added: “I was responsible for setting up the Gloucestershire Freecycle movement, which has now been split into county council areas.

“So recycling and keeping things out of the landfill is something that we are passionate about.

“The key with us is that we are a regular family, doing our thing, so we know the difficulties and challenges the average household faces when it comes to recycling”.

To find out more visit http://myzerowaste.com .