broody hen

Mrs Dorking has gone broody, she’s been sitting tight for about four days now, so this evening she has been moved to her own little hutch where she can be left in peace away from the other hens who want to lay eggs (or not as is more the truth.)

It is the first time that she has gone broody so I have no idea if she will stay sitting now that she has been moved but I’m hoping to hatch some unrated Silver Dorkings under her to add to the ‘flock’.

I am bidding on some eggs on ebay, I have just missed out on the first set with five seconds to go, I was sat at the computer counting down, by twenty pence!

3 responses to “broody hen

  1. Moon Over Martinborough

    We’ve got a broody hen and I don’t know what to do with her! My neighbor has told me I need either a bucket or a trap to get the hen ‘off the cluck’.

    • If you don’t want her to be broody you just have to keep collecting the eggs and moving her off the nest, she won’t like you for it though!

      • Moon Over Martinborough

        She and I had a broody battle. She was very persistent. So persistent in fact, that in the end I gave her some fertile eggs. Guess I’m a pushover!

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