Daily Archives: August 7, 2009


Well, it is the middle of the courgette season and we are getting lots. Last year I froze most of them and we used them slowly through the winter in vegetable sauces but I don’t think we are going to have so many left for freezing this year.

This evening we had some peeled into long ‘slices’ in our salad and it was lovely but we have also been eating a lot with cous-cous.

Slice the courgettes up and simmer in a pan with plenty of garlic and butter, you can either cook them slowly and let them sort of stew in the juices or cook then a little faster and turn them golden brown, both ways are nice. When they are done just serve them with a helping of cous-cous.

Very nice.


I have started making lists again, I spent a few evenings last week were I’d come home and feel like I should be really busy and getting things done but couldn’t think of what to do or where to start.

It’s not a very restful state to be in and makes it very hard to settle after ‘everything is done’ (not that it ever is) at the end of the day. I’m also finding that when I am at work all I can think about is what I should be doing at home and when I’m at home all I can think about is what I should be getting done at work.

Yesterday I made a very good start, I got a load of paperwork things done and make a good start on almost all of the things I want to get done this weekend. I may even be able to cross a few things off before I go out for my meeting later!