A new lease of life

I’m really starting to feel the effects of the B12 injections, I haven’t had this much energy for ages.

I was working today but so far this evening I have weeded the vegetable garden, collected nettles for the goats, earthed up so potatoes and planted some more out. It doesn’t look as much as it feels like written down but I am please with myself.

I haven’t managed to go up to the allotment to day any work this week, just to look. Birds have pulled out all the peas again, and the garlic and some of the onion sets. At home the seedlings are doing very well, I potted on 56 cabbage seedlings the other evening. The courgette started coming through the other day, and the sweetcorn are very slowly coming through.

One response to “A new lease of life

  1. So pleased you are feeling the good effects of the Vitamin B12 – it’s horrible to be tired all the time.

    You’ve done really well. Yesterday I stood and looked at my weeds before giving up. I feel very defeated by the state of the garden at the moment 😦

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