Daily Archives: May 22, 2009

Stupid birds

It often amazes me how long birds have lasted when they so often seem to have a complete lack of common (or anything kind of) sence.

Mrs Goose’s eggs started to hatch yesterday, she has been sat very well on them for a month now and been doing what a mother goose should be, until the first gosling appeared damp and wet out from it’s shell, that is when she left the nest. She wouldn’t have anything to do with it or her other eggs, the chick didn’t survive and the other eggs have been put into the incubator.

It’s not just the geese though, the quail are being completely birded brained as well today. A few weeks ago I moved everyone around putting all the young hens in with a younger male and took out a pair that I’m going to sell. The male hasn’t been being the best with ‘his girls’ and is very rough and today I have had to take two of the females out as he has broken the skin on their heads and made them bleed. Quail have a horrible habit of just pecking at any wound and just keeping going, alot like turkeys.