Home made clothes

I was meant to be starting a soft furnishings and clothes making course tonight, but it’s been cancelled due the college not being able to find a replacement tutor for it.

I’m really disappointed, I would really like to be able to make my own clothes and learn to use a/my sawing machine to do so. But I guess it’s just not meant to be, hopefully I will remember to use the time to carry on knitting, but I’m not sure how well that will go. I’ve already decided to spend this weeks ‘time’ filling in some forms and getting them sent off. Very important but I’m not going to be able to wear it when I’ve finished.

I haven’t done any knitting for a couple of weeks now and last time I did any I made a mistake on my practice sock and undid it all. I didn’t really pick the best wool for it though, it was just some green ‘stuff’ that I already had and liked the look of but I don’t think it was really designed for socks and it was taking a very long time to build up into anything, and when I dropped a stitch and it disappeared down into the row before and, partly because of the type of wool, I wasn’t able to pick it back out again to carry on. Hoo hum. I think I will have a go at starting a ‘real’ sock next, with my proper sock wool and the right sized needles and the free pattern that came with the wool. It will be the first time I try to follow a pattern. Fingers crossed it’s not as scary as it looks!

3 responses to “Home made clothes

  1. Ahhh, me too – I would love to make my own clothes. In fact, I have a new years resolution and that is by the end of the year to have made DD one pair of trousers. Just an elastic waist, ‘pyjama’ style will please me; which I am told, is the simplest style.

    This will be so good for me because not only will I save money, and I’ll will be able to flex my creative muscle, but I’ll be able to make her something that actually fits!
    She has the height of a 9 year old, but the waist of a 6 year old – tall and slim; and there aren’t many clothes to fit her. Most trousers flap somewhere above her ankles or fall down at the waist.

    Good luck with the knitting; that’s something I’ve never had an interest in, although I admire people who do it and I understand it gets pretty addictive!

  2. That is a shame, I had the same happen to me last January! I wonder if there is a national shortage? Its a year later now and I still haven’t sewn any clothes 😦

  3. I would really love to learn to make my own clothes too…
    I mean, I have in the past.. I’ve made exactly one long summer skirt & one halterneck top.. (only slightly assisted by my Mom)
    years ago, though…
    So I’d definitely wanna learn more..

    And I wanna learn to mend my own clothes, cause that’s what zero waste is all about too.. (but I run at the sight of favorite tees-to-be-mended..)
    A course sounds fun! & possibly the course instructer must have more patience than my Mum, explaining things, lol!!
    my Gran has a no-electricity sewing machine so I wish to learn to use that too.. (‘just in case..’ :))

    Anyway, hope to get inspired into finally doing it this year!!
    Good to know a bunch of other people are doing it too!!

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