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Allotment 15/07/09

PICT0143Spent this evening at the allotment, weeding mostly. I have been neglecting it for a week or so and I’m pretty sure that this is the first time I have weeded so I haven’t been doing badly. Everything has grow loads, including the thistles which are still a big problem, they are everywhere. We (Rhys came too) took the netting of the courgettes as they are starting to push it of any way, there is a huge difference between the main bed of them, which was manured, and a few that I put in another bed, which wasn’t manured, when I ran out of room. After thinking about it there is also a very noticeable difference between the first bed of beetroot, not manured, and the second, manured and now thinned, that I had been putting down to them being nibbled by rabbits, so the soil wasn’t has rich has I thought it was. 

PICT0149I ‘thinned’ the larger of the beetroots in the second bed out so as the smaller ones have more room to grow, they are a very nice size and the first real harvest for the allotment!! 

The rounder ones are Detroit 2 and the more pointy shaped ones are Pronto. They were sown just over two months ago. After weeding the rest of the bed, or most of it, I sowed some ‘Burpees Golden’ where the peas failed. There are still two pea plants left there, one of them has it’s first flower on.

PICT0148The kale looks great, the net curtains are working really well at keeping white butterflies off, and the rabbits. The leeks are not doing so well, they have been nibbled and over grown, I had been leaving the weeds around them to try and protect them from the rabbits but it hasn’t really worked, but there are plenty of tomatoes that have self-seeded themselves that I have left in.

After weeding we put some more manure out on the end of the plot where there still isn’t anything planted, I think things are going to grow so much better that way.

Cheese, gardening and days off

Ok, this weekend are my first two days off the past two weeks, and I’m really glad of them. There is only so much you can get done in the evenings once you get in for work, just making sure I’m got enough clean work clothes (work and ‘animal’ clothes are something you have to have here) when it’s raining on and off all the time is almost a full time job. We don’t have a tumble dryer.

Any way. Milk is the other big job at the moment. Milking is taking about 45 min – 1 hour, youngest-sister and Mother are doing that, and then collecting the cream, bottling milk and then sorting that days milk is also taking up the best part of an hour. And now we’ve Had to start making cheese, it was starting to make itself really. Before we’ve only really made soft ‘cream’ cheese but this weekend I got the cheese press out and had a got at using that, and it makes REAL cheese! It even looks like real cheese, very posh real cheese in fact.

So Saturday was spent making cheese and cleaning the kitchen and then we had lasagne, with loads of veg either from the local farm shop or from the garden (the nettles came from the garden) homemade pasta, I was layering the pasta on as Rhys rolled it, with homemade cheese in the sauce and on top. It tasted really good.

It was a really nice relaxing day.

Sunday I spent mostly in the garden, when it wasn’t raining, weeding and I harvested the garlic and put the bean plants out. The sprouts and purple sprouting have caterpillars so I’ve feed as many of them as possible to the chickens, and a white butterfly I caught which the chick went mad for.