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Cracking time

GoslingsWe had thunder in the area last week, we didn’t have a storm here but we did have a huge crack of lighting over the house that cracked some of the eggs my dad had under a broody. One egg has hatched and the others have been put into the incubator just in case as she started sitting on half a dozen and has ended up with ten under her.

Some of the goose eggs hatched, three. They are our first ever goslings and very sweet. The brooder is starting to look nicely filled, as well as the three goslings there is the Silver Dorking chick and a Muscovy chick. From the markings when it first hatched I think it is a cockeral, but now that it’s feathers are coming through I’m not so sure. It would be nice if it was a hen but then I would need to get another cockeral if I kept it. Oh well, we’ll will just have to wait and see.

Thunder storms and hatching

There was a huge thunder storm on Sunday morning. It had been rumbling away since about 10 o’clock the night before and finally started raining at about 6 o’clock in the morning, really raining. It was raining so heavily that there was a mist as tall as the parked cars coming off the road where the rain was hitting the surface so hard. The power went off and a few seconds later there was a huge thunder clap which felt like it shook everything at set off a neighbors car alarm.

It took me about a minute to manage to drag myself in to a sitting postion, muttering about bloody power cuts and how my eggs were never going to hatch at this rate and thinking that the thunder might well have done something major leaving us with no electricity for days, ready to find a jumper or something to put over the incubator to try to keep the heat in until the power came back on. It had already come back on.

About 5 minutes later the power went of again and the car alarm went silent, within a few seconds there was another huge thunder clap. As the noise finished the power came back on again and the car alarm started up, the rain slowed and the storm cleared up leaving the rest of the day sunny-ish.

The weather really hasn’t help my eggs, two days before the thunder storm happened the temperature when down for no apparent reason, the weather outside was reasonable, then the humidity shot up and dropped right back down again after the storm. Even with putting extra water in it’s not got back up to 70% yet.

Even so, two eggs started piping Sunday evening and one has hatched so far. The other eggs are all very still and quiet. Normally the eggs jump around before they hatch and once the chicks start coming out they call non-stop. I really hope even just one more hatches, just so as the one chick isn’t all on its own.