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Spring has Sprung – 2015 International Year of Soils

Friday’s sunrise welcomed the first day of spring and saw the solar eclipse.

Spring has sprung - 2015

Spring has sprung – 2015

The day was bright and sunny with the eclipse pausing time mid-morning; filling the air with a feel of a summers dawn or the moment just before the rain pours from big, black clouds that have engulfed the sky on a late summers day.

The time for a New Year’s post has long pasted; the half started notes and reflections for the coming year shall remain in pages of notebooks. Lost until a later time when they are rediscovered in years to come.

“I have been living in the dream of the plants so long I had forgotten to talk to the soil, to the earth beneath my feet.” ~ Taken from Earth Pathways Diary 2015. Falling in Love with that which I stand upon (c) Rachel Corby 2013 

The dawning of a ‘year of soil’ seems fitting for the direction this year started to take even before the start of a new calendar year began. An opportunity to concentrate on the foundations and put in some time on the ‘basics’ and developing a strong root system.

Spring signs; Rhubarb

Spring seems to be such a long time coming this year but there are finally more and more signs including the long-awaited shoots of rhubarb

First rhubarb shoots - 5th April 2013

First rhubarb shoots – 5th April 2013

I don’t personally like rhubarb but it is a sure sign that the soil is warming up and that the few seeds I have dared to sow might have a chance of making the garden some time soon.

Last autumn I put an old tyre around the clump of rhubarb and filled it with old straw to help encourage early shoots this year but it is already far later than last year

Signs of spring

The winds of the last few morning seem to have change to a gentle but ice breeze this morning, leaving frosty leafs behind.

In spite of all the harsh frosts there are more and more signs of spring appearing. This is my herb box which I planted last autumn with ‘reduce bin’ herb plants I had collected through the summer;

Herb box showing the first signs of life - 8th February 2011

Herb box showing the first signs of life - 8th February 2011

Spring is on its way…

One of our lambs - March 2010

One of our lambs - March 2010

Today me and mother saw our first lambs of the year. There were three all sat in a heap in the sun whilst two ewes grazed near by.

We still have at least another month before lambing starts but it will be here all too soon