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Spring has Sprung – 2015 International Year of Soils

Friday’s sunrise welcomed the first day of spring and saw the solar eclipse.

Spring has sprung - 2015

Spring has sprung – 2015

The day was bright and sunny with the eclipse pausing time mid-morning; filling the air with a feel of a summers dawn or the moment just before the rain pours from big, black clouds that have engulfed the sky on a late summers day.

The time for a New Year’s post has long pasted; the half started notes and reflections for the coming year shall remain in pages of notebooks. Lost until a later time when they are rediscovered in years to come.

“I have been living in the dream of the plants so long I had forgotten to talk to the soil, to the earth beneath my feet.” ~ Taken from Earth Pathways Diary 2015. Falling in Love with that which I stand upon (c) Rachel Corby 2013 

The dawning of a ‘year of soil’ seems fitting for the direction this year started to take even before the start of a new calendar year began. An opportunity to concentrate on the foundations and put in some time on the ‘basics’ and developing a strong root system.