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A fresh start… work wise

I have had my meeting; my last day will be the 30th of April. It is going to be very sad but it is also a relief, after all me going now doesn’t mean I can’t go back when it is a nicer place to work. And I’m going to make dam sure that I’m still around, I can’t be got rid of that easily.

Monday morning I got a phone call; it was from the director of Play Gloucestershire the company that runs Play Rangers. She has offered me a year’s contract and I start in May. I’m over the moon about it! It is my dream job.

It really has been very humbling all the offers of help and support I have had, and I’m so grateful that there are so many people in the local area who are willing to go out of their way to make sure that I’m ok and can make a living.

An ending

I was given notice of my redundancy today. There are still things that need to be sort but it feels like a weight has been lifted but I’m still just left ‘hanging’, I don’t know when I’ll be finishing or what I’m going to be doing for work but I’m so close to being able to start sorting things out and starting afresh.