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Allotment 18/01/2010 – The first visit of the year and a seed plan

On Thursday me and mother went to look allotment, which had started to defrost like everywhere else. The brook, or possibly drainage ditch, on the other side of the hedge was full to bursting with the amount of water that was following down the field, there was still a lot of ice that was laying unmelted on the ground so we left the van at the gate and walked onto the site and up to our plots, it wasn’t good news when we got there.  

The rabbits have had EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. They had ripped through the nets that were keeping them off and eaten it all to the ground, they really must have been starving. On the way back from the allotment we saw a lone rabbit out on the first part of green grass busily eating, it was so busy it didn’t even run away from us.

I am annoyed, but not as mad as I have been other times that they have eaten crops. I feel sorry for them really, the snow has been covering the ground for so long now and wildlife has probably been hit the hardest. We had a look around and they have even managed to get onto others plots who have rabbit fencing up so we are not the only ones and knowing how much some people have spent on rabbit fencing there are going to be some really mad people.

During the last of the cold weather I spent an evening going through my list of things to grow, my seed boxes and seed company websites. This is what it looks like;

To grow, along with current seeds I already have:

Potatoes – chosen

Peas – Half Pint, Bulmoral, Oasis, Juguar

Runner Beans –

Courgettes –

Squash – Bon Bon (open packet), Scallop (op)

Kale – Red Russian, Nero di Toscanna

Swede – Virtue (op)

Leeks – Musselburgh, Elefant

Carrots – Afghan Purple, Early Natues 5, Chantenay Red Cored 2, unmarked packet, Cosmic Purple, unmarked packet, Dragon, Flakkee, Janne du Doubs, Atomic Red

Beetroot – Burpees Golden, Chioggia, Detroit 2, Perfect 3, Pronto, Cylindra

French Beans –

Cauliflower – All the Year Round (op)

Parsnips –

Cabbage – Roodkap, Golden Acre Primo 2, Offenham 2, Durham Early, Greyhound, Wintergreen, January King

Broccoli/Purple Sprouting – Autumn Spear, Raab ’60 Days’, unmarked packet purple sprouting

Sprouts – Falstaff (red), Evesham Special Green

Garlic –

Onions – Spring

Sweetcorn – Incredible F1, Supersweet

Mustrooms – Agaricus, White Button, Chestnut Button

Real Seed Company shopping list:

Cosse Violette Purple pole bean, Boston squash, , Waltham Butternut, Striato d’Napoli courgette, Tender and True parsnip, Golden Sweet Yellow podded mange-tout pea, Temuco Quinoa

Thompson & Morgan shopping list:

Potatoes, Sun Bright runner bean.

There are somethings like sweetcorn and cauliflower that I had planned on getting special seeds of but I already have two boxes of seed so am going with what I have for this year. For runner beans and french beans I already have seed but I want to change to climbing beans as the dwarfs haven’t done well for the last few years. Parsnip seeds are also some that I have a packet of but it is already an open packet and everything I have read about parsnips say use fresh seeds, so they are on the shopping list. I will still of course try the open packet just in case as I can’t throw seeds away, it is just something that is completely against my nature.

The next plans to make are a) where am I going to put all this stuff, and b) how am I going to keep the rabbits of it!

Allotment 4/6/09

leek seedlingsIf you had asked me a week ago about the allotment I would have said that I had given up on sowing seeds and was just going to start things off at home and then transplant them, there is a bird problem and a rabbit problem at the site and so far they have had all but a few pea seedlings, nibbled at the beetroot and carrots and pulled up and nibbled at all the onion sets, and I had completely given up on the leeks that I had sown which there still was no sign of. So I started ording some plants to get things going, I ordered 30 kale plants and 50 sweetcorn plants which arrived last weekend. I went to the allotment to start planting them out and out of nowhere, me and mother had been up on the plot checking things two nights before and there was nothing, the leeks had come through. And the beets, which was very lucky has I was planning on digging the bed over again and planting the kale in their place as they had not come up. So I will be sowing some seeds up there after all.

Rhys watering the plotsI’ve put some old carpet over the beds that already have manure on them. It is amazing how quickly manure rots down at home, I suppose that there is not a ‘system’ in place with all the right bacteria, moisture and you can’t move anything with out finding large pink worms underneath. The allotment just doesn’t have this in place yet and the manure on the beds is just sat, I can completely believe that it would take a year or more to rot down there, where as the as stuff that got left at home is prefect for growing in now.

The kale has been put in with clear plastic bottles and then netting over the top of that to keep the wind, birds and rabbits off whilst they get going.

At home everything seems to be growing whilst you watch. There are runner beans and courgettes ready to go out, the courgetteswith be going out in the same bed as the sweetcorn this weekend if the weather holds. There are also tomatoes, kale, cabbages, purple sprouting and broccoli coming along nicely.

The strawberries are getting large and the first raspberries have set fruit.