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Wild Boar

The night before I went away, I saw my first wild boar. Most of the excitement has worn off in the week that I have been away but when it happened it was very exciting.

There have been boar living wildly here since 2004 when a group ‘escaped’, and since then they have been spreading themselves across the Forest. No-one really knows how many there is of them living here now but as they don’t have any nature predators and the weather is mild enough for them to breed almost all through the year I would imagine that there is a lot.

It was dark when I saw it, the window by my bed is still open to let the cat in and out when he wants. I heard the sheep take off up the road in an alarmed way and looked out the window expecting to see a loose dog but it was a boar. Even though it was dark and I have never seen one before there was no mistaking it. It was large and alert, with its ear pricked up, stood on the bank of the green at the front of the house.

It was both a familiar, I have seen lots of pigs, and magical sight. Something so completely out of place where it stood, that a second look had to be taken but so unmistakable for what it was.