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A rambling update

Life if very much about being outside at the moment, as might have been guessed from my lack of posts lately.


Even when it’s raining it still nice outdoors.


There was a big event at work over the Bank Holiday, when it chucked it down of course, and then I started my new job which is working out really well & at home things feel like they are getting done. In a very un-organised way, must start making lists again, last weekend I spent most of a day on the veg garden, which has exploded mostly with weeds in the last couple of weeks. Last year I tried growing potatoes for Christmas, it was a challenge on a forum I belong too, but when nothing happened I thought the potatoes must have rotted, Wrong! It’s just the poatoes from this year that don’t seem to have come up. I managed to plant out the rest of the Garlic I started off in paper pots and have been sitting in trays in the garden. They’ve done really well though.


I’ve mostly cleared the base of the old chicken shed & the meat chicks have moved onto that off the veg garden and some of the quail have moved from the house outside as well.


I’ve planted loads more seeds& bought plants from the carboot & some from Lidl that were reduced.


We’ve got two broodies that I’m trying to find eggs for, I want to breed some Silver Dorkings to go with the hen we have but there are a few other breeds ‘the family’ would like as well, middle-sister has some hen & call duck eggs in the incubator. One of her oldest cockerels died so she’s trying to hatch some of his off-spring before it’s to late. It would seem that I wasn’t the only person locally to have a rubbish hatch at the start of May, so it must have been that weather.


Muma has a pair of geese, nasty, sharp, hissy things, that were being given away in the local paper. So the meat-eaters of the family are having goose (not these two, our own hatched ones) for Christmas dinner this year. Last year they had the same, just bought in.


Rescue ewe, now called Iris, & lambs are doing well. My ‘spoilt AN’s’ have reached over the wall & eaten the hair along her back (they don’t much like sheep.)


My weekend starts again tomorrow.