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Lymes Disease

To start with I have a couple of corrections to make, firstly, Flat Lamb who up until this year has always  had twins (apart from the first year she lambed when she had a single black ram lamb, if I’m going to be completely correct) this year had a white ewe lamb and a black ram lamb, this year had a two ram lambs. Not one of each like I said before.

Secondly, when I said we now had a nice little herd of four badger faced ewe lambs, I meant we had a nice little herd of badger faced ewes which it would appear actually included the two badger faced ewes that we already had but still a nice little herd all the same.

On Sunday Flat Lambs white lamb was very stiff and was walking around like he had wet he’s knickers. We couldn’t find any obviously wrong with him so he was bought in and given a dose of anti-biotics to see if he was better in the morning, he wasn’t so me and mother took him to the vets who checked him over and found a little tick that we had missed.

I haven’t seem a sheep tick since I was very young but they carry Lymes disease and ‘inject’ poison both of which could be caursing the stiffness, such a simple little thing that we didn’t even think of. The lamb is now home living in the living room, we gave up on carpets many years ago, as he can’t bend down to drink from his mother and is on a course of anti-biotic.