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List #2

Well, the lists have continued and I like cross things off and see what I’m got done (sad!).

Sow seeds: more winter and spring greens have been sown, there is only really time for one more sowing of a few things now.
book basket making course places:Me and middle-younger-sister are now booked on a basket making course in October, I have been wanting to go on one for about a year now. Imagine harvesting home grown veg and bringing it home in a home made basket.
carry on weeding and harvesting at allotment: Very must an on-going job at the moment!
trim goats feet:All girls, and most boys, with neat(ish) feet now and not at all thankful for it.
Move chicks outside: Chicks now outside in their own hutch, I don’t think they are sure if to be please or up set about it.
Move broody:I’m still not 100% sure if Mrs Dorking is sitting, every time I see her she is out eating and drinking but when I check on her egg it is always warm. The first half a dozen eggs have been put in the incubator (clean out and service incubator) but the second lot STILL haven’t arrived, if she is sitting alright when they arrive she shall have those, if not then they will go in the incubator as well and I will leave her with her one egg to see how she does.

weekend list

PICT0191Well, I did very well on the list of weekend jobs for this weekend. With help of course.

brassica netting; ordered and waiting for delivery
plant leeks; not finished but started. 78 out so far
take already bagged manure to allotment; all bags now spread on the allotment and goat pen cleared and more bagged ready to go 
research growing strawberries from seed; I posted a question on the Gravevine Forum and got some helpful replies, I also found the packet and can sow them this autumn, or in the spring if it gets to late 
finish clearing site for new goat houses and start putting them up; site cleared and the first six panels are up! The goats were very happy with all the hawthorn we had to cut down when we cleared the area.