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New potatoes

First picking; new potatoes - 15th June 2011

First picking; new potatoes - 15th June 2011

On Tuesday I noticed what looked like it might be the start of blight on one of the sacked potatoes growing at home. I checked the other sacks over and it seemed to be just the one sack that had it and so there was nothing for it but to dig them up and eat them before it spread (if in fact it was blight…)

Home grown dinner; new potatoes with omelette - 15th June 2011

Home grown dinner; new potatoes with omelette - 15th June 2011

We’ve been holding off on starting on the home-grown potatoes as we still have half a sack of stored potatoes left that need using first but it was nice to be finally starting on the home-grown crop.

The potatoes weren’t a bad size and we collect 1.2kg of them. I can’t remember what verity they were but they were planted on march 1st. We ate half of them boiled with a cheesey chives and garlic omelette.

Home cooking

Well, the rain that has been forecast for the last few days arrived today but we haven’t done too badly as the last three days were it has been meant to be rain we have just had showers, and showers that it is easy to ignore and carry on working through.

I’ve managed to spend a fair amount of time at the allotment, and also taking down the kids house in readiness for putting up the new goat housing. This morning wasn’t bad either, the rain held off while we moved some ewes and lambs.I moved the three chicks that have been living inside (not in the brooder for a while but still in the house) to a new house and clear the goat pen a little. It is still getting very water logged whenever with get rain and doesn’t drain by itself, a problem that might hopefully be sorted with the new house but I think will need to be worked on for a while yet. The goat housing and pen are at the bottom of the garden and so the pen ends up with all the rain from the rest of the garden running into it, I did plant some willow the other side of the pen this spring in the hope that they would suck up some of the extra water but they have not taken. I will try again later this year.

The highlight of the weekend has been the start of ‘real’ harvesting from the allotment. Tonights dinner was mostly home grown and was cooked on the Rayburn which has also been heating some water for us.

We had savoury pancakes with a kale* and courgette* gravy filling and a cheese sauce and garlic* kale* (a recipe adapted from Colour It Green). I think the only vegetable in the whole meal that wasn’t home grown was the onions, and the ones on the allotment are coming along nicely!

*home grown

Christmas Carrots

This is a little later and not as long as I had planned (the camera’s batteries kept going flat, and of course I hadn’t even thought about needing such a thing at Christmas) so there are a few stops and starts but I think you can get the idea of it any way.

The carrots weren’t as big, or as purple, as I was hoping for but they still tasted very nice!