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Never a simple job

A while ago Muma found some information about the feed value of gorse, and from talking to the local sheep-badgers (people who run free-roaming sheep in the area) it use to be used a lot in the area. The Badgers would collected it and then put it through a stredder and use it as feed for the sheep who will only eat the flowers if just left to it.

We’ve been meaning to try it out with the goats for a while, as the whole area is covered in it, and this weekend we finally got round to it. Me and Rhys (well Rhys really, but under orders from me) dug out the shredder and checked that it was in working order. On Saturday me and Muma collected a couple of small sacks on the way back from dropping Rhys off for a gig, got the shedder out and… the blades weren’t going round.

I hate it when things don’t work, it just makes what should be such simple jobs take so much more time and effort than they should be. In the end the goats got feed the gorse like it was, and they ate most of it ok.

Sunday: Rhys fixed the shredder, which had stringy branchs wrapped round the blades, went and collected more gorse and shredded it (only stopping once to have the blades un-wrapped again.)

The goats seemed to like it too.