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What a week

Well, I finished my job on Thursday.  I’ve spent each day from last Saturday counting down the days. My last day was nice though, with a lot of eating including a very yummy chocolate cake. I’m really going to miss working there, with all my friends but I will be going back so it isn’t like I won’t see any of them again. I even got a membership as a leaving present. It’s just not going to be the same ever again. I have my new job to start on now, and I’m really looking forward to it, I can finally start to get on with things now instead of just waiting t get started.

I spent this weekend at Tewkesbury Food Festival helping run a ‘play tent’, we made vegetable creatures and fruit cocktails and on Sunday masks too. The vegetable creature making was good and very popular but playing with perfectly good food, although I strongly believe that food isn’t played with enough these days, and then putting it in a bin goes completely against the gain. I did think very seriously about bring it home for the goats but it would have taken hours to pick out all the cocktail sticks and wash the paint, glue and glitter off and then I would have only spent hours worrying that I had missed something. Or, more likely, it would have sat in it’s sack here waiting for me to get round to picking out the cocktails sticks and washing off the glue and gone rotten. It was a good weekend though, bright and sunny and I could have spent a kings ransom on all kinds of lovely food and still not had anythig to put a meal together with. Very enjoyable.

 On Thursday one of mothers Golden Guernsey started to kid, she seemed to be fine in herself but she just wasn’t doing anything, so at about 6 o’clockish we decided to see what was going on. It is normally mine and middle-sisters job as we both have little hands but she wasn’t at all ‘open’ so off to the vets to get some tables to help with this, by 11 o’clockish and 12 – 14 tables later (they should start working in about 30 minutes from the first dose and they are like magic when they do work, I’ve seen a sheep go from nowhere near ‘open’ enough to deliver to delivering without a problem in 20minutes) she still wasn’t open enough to kid even though the water bag had bust hours before. After an hour of trying to deliver the kid ourselves we took her to the vets, who also wasn’t able to deliver it and so her kid was finally delivered at well after midnight, more like 1am really, by Cesarean. I’ve never seen a Cesarean before, on of our first goat kids was delivered by Cesarean but I would have been 8 or 9 years old and didn’t go to the vets. It took almost an hour to close her up afterwards and the kid got very cold and took most of the rest of the night to revive him and then it took him until Saturday to lean to stand, Sunday to learn to walk and we think he’s possibly blind or very short sighted. At the moment he is in the living room but we’re going to try to give him back to his mother to look after as he’ll be best off with her and she did bund with him well but I don’t think she realises we bought him back from the vets with us as she had to it in the back and I had him on my lap in the front so as I could keep him going by rubbing him with a towel and have the car heater on him.

On Friday I was very tired, I had to get up for a docotors appointment so didn’t have a chance of staying in bed, and once I got home again I was too awake to go back to bed. My docotors appointment was for the results of some blood test I had after my ‘funny turn’ at work, which happened a second time as well I ca’t remember if I wrote about that now. It would seem I might have Perniciuos Anemia which is where the body can’t absorb Vit B12 and so can’t absorb iron very well. My B12 levels are very low and so are my iron levels, I’m not quite anemic but very close to it. I’m being put on a course of B12 injections, I’ve always loved needles or not, then a three month courses of iron tables and something else, then I will have my blood tested again a month after to see if my B12 and iron levels sort themselves out or if I have to spend the rest of my life having B12 injections every three months. In the mean time I’m going to eat loads more leafy greens and extra eggs, etc. to see if that helps. Perniciuos amemia does run in the family, my mothers cousin has it and so did her mum.

The allotment today

The allotment today

I have been up to the allotment three times during last week to take photo’s and each time the camera either hasn’t worked or the batteries have been flat or something. I did spend an hour or so up there with middle-sister on Friday, she planted out a load of raspberries and I dugging over a couple of the beds and sowed some sugar snap peas. Everything is coming through well, the first lot of pea seeds have been got at by birds. They will be fine, a lot have just been pulled up. Both the carrots and beets are through, and even biger today than they were on Friday.

My plan was to come back from the allotment and have a nap to catch up on some of the sleep I’d lost the night before, no such luck. I came home to find that mother had fallen over while herding sheep and twisted her ankle. After a while of her sat down up it up while the pain got worst I took her to hospital to have it x-rayed. No brake this time, just a sprain but that was the day, and my nap, pretty much gone.

And I think that is everything up-to-date now.